Welcome to Greenfire Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome in Greenfire Indusrtries Pvt. Ltd.

About us

A privately owned and operated company with its headquarters at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Greenfire Industries has earned an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and value within the commercial and industrial fire protection industry.

complete line of handheld and wheeled fire extinguishers

We offer a complete line of handheld and wheeled fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, fire suppressing foam concentrates & hardware and pre-engineered kitchen suppression systems.

Helpful and responsive customer service

We are committed to helpful and responsive customer service and knowledgeable and dependable technical support.

Our products and services

Contact us for more information about the wide selection of Greenfire Equipment Company products and services.

We are ready to assist you

We have trained personnel who are ready to assist you with your fire protection needs.

Mission & Vision

Greenfire goal is to provide our customers with quality fire extinguishers at a great value. In pursuit of this, we manufacture all our products in the INDIA. We mill and blend our own dry chemical agents, machine the component parts, assemble and then test our units to the highest quality standards. We are passionate about our clients safety, and have been dedicated to making our team here at Greenfire Industry the experts in fire safety to ensure all our client's have the tools necessary to get the job done.

Our Goal

The most effective way of avoiding injury and damage by fire is the prevention of the fire. In Fire prevention there are three main goals. The first and most important goal is Life Safety, which is to prevent injury and loss of life. Human life and health always take top priority in an emergency. The second goal of fire prevention is to Prevent Property Damage. Though second to life safety, property damage should always be considered. The final goal of fire prevention is Protection of Operations. By preventing fires and limiting damage, we can assure that work operations will continue without interruption.



Listed amid one of the eminent business names, we are offering a wide consignment of Fire Extinguisher Refilling. Using finest class basic inputs altogether with modernized tools and machinery; these are designed and developed with perfection. Besides this, the entire consignment is widely recommended owing to its seamless finish


Protection from fire starts with making sure your fire extinguishers are ready to go. Extinguishers are the first line of defense and a valuable means of egress during an emergency. Delivering innovative technologies that help you better manage your fire program.


It is important that you are properly testing and inspecting each unit in your facility,extinguishers may vary in their internal examination and testing intervals and that's where Cintas comes for testing.


GreenFire extinguishers are typically fitted in buildings at an easily accessible location, such as against a wall in a high-traffic area. They are also often fitted to motor vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft - this is required by law in many jurisdictions, for identified classes of vehicles. Under NFPA 10 all commercial vehicles must carry at least one fire extinguisher, with size/UL rating depending on type of vehicle and cargo (i.e., fuel tankers typically must have a 20 lb (9.1 kg), while most others can carry a 5 lb (2.3 kg).


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